what languages are easy to learn together

Some are easy some are more straight-forward, don't worry we give each a rating. This selection may also come as a surprise, but Indonesian has several qualities that make it a logical choice for English speakers. fastest-growing destinations for young expats, sound garbled and meaningless to foreigners, its pronunciation is actually remarkably simple, common to most of the world’s larger languages, Sweet Deal! Here’s some advice from Matthew Youlden, a polyglot who speaks nine languages. Most beginners who are aspiring to become web developers will first start out with HTML/CSS to get a taste of what it's like to program. Business Insider has broken down IKEA’s unique naming system in this article. For instance, “grass” is gräs in Swedish — a clear cognate. Mandarin Chinese. One reason Swedish is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn is the large number of cognates the two languages share (cognates are words in different languages that stem from the same ancestral language and look and/or sound very similar to one another). If you are interested in learning Spanish or any other of these easy languages, we can help you. Just like some languages love to play with diverse and complicated sounds, some seem to have an endless love affair with rules and grammar. Lace up your snow boots and give Norwegian a try! 15 Online Language Learning Tools That’ll Make You Feel Like a Kid in a Candy Store, The Simple Secret to Foreign Language Fluency, 5 Killer Language Learning Strategies Guaranteed to Help You Make Time, How to Learn a New Language Fast: 5 Tips That Actually Work. It’s a phonetic language — for the most part, its words are pronounced the way they’re spelled. It is one of the popular coding languages which has no garbage collector running in the background. 1. For instance, the word “rat” has the same spelling and meaning in both languages, but in Dutch it’s pronounced like the English word “rot.” Also, keep an eye out for false cognates, like the Dutch word wet, which actually means “law.” If you stay vigilant, Dutch could still be the language for you. Well, it’s also one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. Here are a few examples of languages that are child’s play for certain learners, depending on what languages they already know: English’s first cousin, the only language more closely related to either one is Frisian. The language known regionally as Indonesian or Malaysian totals around 270 million total speakers, making it both one of the largest and fastest-growing world languages. Phonetics and pronunciation are comfortable for English speakers; the one wee hurdle is the Afrikaans “g”, pronounced like the –ch in Bach. Learning two languages is a different thing then to learn and write. Language is the ability to produce and comprehend both spoken and written (and in the case of sign language, signed) words. A really interesting characteristic of Dutch is that many words are spelled exactly the same as they are in English, more so than in almost any other language. Verb conjugations utilize prefixes in a logical way, making them less difficult for English speakers to learn. You might be really excited about getting Portuguese pasta, only to be handed a “folder.” Portuguese (particularly Brazilian Portuguese) is another language that gives learners the advantage of exposure. Mandarin is the most widely spoken Chinese language. Now, if you’re a native speaker of a European language and want to devote yourself to learning the intricacies of a language like Pirahã, we support you wholeheartedly. Our second easiest language also comes from Scandinavia and the Germanic family of languages. There’s no such thing as one language that’s just plain easier than all the others, but there are a lot of languages that are way easier for you personally to learn. And the word order closely mimics English. The Philippines is not only one of the fastest-growing destinations for young expats—it’s also a country where Spanish-speakers can learn the local tongue with ease. All Rights Reserved. Haitian Creole, one of the largest French creoles, is made up of a mostly French vocabulary mixed with indigenous flavors of the new world. Whether your chosen language’s vocabulary amuses you, or its pronunciation ties your tongue in knots, there’s always a lighter […] In Spanish, a always sounds more or less like a (even with an accent mark), which we as learners really appreciate. And: This is python in a nutshell. Its lack of rules make learning grammar a lot easier. That's why I've decided to create a free Russian course for beginners, where we will start from scratch! There’s one more major Romance language on our list, and this one is often a fan favorite. Spanish Why should I learn it? We mentioned Dutch above, but Afrikaans is like a grammatically boiled-down version of its parent language. What could be easier? Want to take on a new challenge? 2) Which is widely used and available in industry and research centers. Even if you manage to overcome all of that, it is also a language … The Best Way to Learn a Language: Playing Games! Python. Thanks to IKEA, Swedish has something else working in its favor: exposure. Spanish is often the go-to language for Western learners because of its small inventory of speech sounds and user-friendly phonetic spelling system. Focus on one language at a time but don’t expect you will “automatically” understand or speak the other Asian languages right away. (Good choice! I'll tell you this: a lot of people just take some stupid surveys … This pick should come as no surprise. With over an estimated 422 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world (behind Chinese, Hindi, and English). Almost every word of Mandarin has one and just one meaning. Besides that, however, Hindi has some challenging differences in terms of grammar, pronunciation and writing. He studied journalism at Ithaca College and previously managed social media for CBS News. Why not tackle a language that will be relatively easy to learn? It's an official, national, or widely spoken language in 44 countries, including the United States. English’s first cousin, the only language more closely related to either one is Frisian. By now, you can probably guess that there’s no such thing. It’s everywhere, so you already have a leg up on learning it! If you’re not a fan of grammar rules, Indonesian could be a match made in heaven! Das ist mein Haus. 1. His interests include podcasts, puppies, politics, alliteration, reading, writing, and dessert. Language learning varies massively according to a learner’s time allowance, resources, and motivation. French pronunciation is a bit tricky, at first, but we often hear French accents in pop culture, making them easier to replicate than you may think. FluentU takes real-world videos—like news, music videos, movie trailers and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language lessons. Finally, you’ll have a lot more leeway with pronunciation when learning Norwegian. My answer is always: Yes, it is! Especially for research and prototyping. Like Italian, the orthography is clear and simple; words are written as they’re pronounced, which makes reading easier. Discover the top languages your kids should learn. Keep in mind that the more commonly studied languages on this list are available to learn with fun videos on FluentU, which is designed to make language acquisition as easy and intuitive as possible! You are either born with the language-learning gene, or you aren’t. We approve.) Welcome to my free Russian language online course for beginners. If one of the languages you are learning is more difficult than the other, dedicate 70-80% of your budgeted language learning time to the difficult language and 20-30% to the easy language. Once you learn C, making the jump to Java or C# is fairly easy, because a lot of the syntax is common. Penne all’arrabbiata translates to “angry pasta” (presumably because it’s spicy! More than anything, it depends on your mother tongue and the languages you already know. Like Spanish, this translates to a large number of shared vocabulary words, which always makes picking it up easier. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. 3) Which is relatively easy and quick to code, and powerful in its capabilities. It s so obvious that it barely needs pointing out. German didn’t make the cut because, although it shares thousands of cognates with English, absolutely no one would describe its grammar as “easy.” And while written Danish looks a lot like Norwegian and Swedish, the pronunciation can be too intimidating for casual learners. The fifth easiest language on our list is Portuguese, a member of the Romance language family that’s spoken in both Portugal and Brazil. That means most learners won’t find many words they can’t get their mouth around! But beware of false cognates. ), no plurals (simply repeat the word twice), and no grammatical genders. I’ve always shied away from German for this reason. Others entirely lack tenses or cases or inflections of any kind and are riddled with guttural sounds nearly impossible for speakers of most languages to pronounce. Learners across the globe seem to have extreme feelings towards English—it’s the hardest or the easiest language they’ve ever learned, they love it or they hate it. Check resources like the Ethnologue to learn about your language’s family tree and what other tongues are most closely related to it. If you’re a free-spirited language learner who can’t be bothered with the details, then go for one of these simply structured languages. Two people in the same country (even the same city!) But perhaps the biggest pro to choosing to learn Spanish is its prevalence in our everyday lives. Share your experience in the comments below. How closely it’s related to the languages you already know. Click here to get a copy. Once you learn how to learn a language, then the act of doing it becomes easier and easier with each new language. French is a Romance language, meaning it’s related to Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian, so if becoming a polyglot is a goal of yours, learning French could also help make learning the others a little easier (or could be easy to learn if you already speak one of those languages! It is one of the popular coding languages which has no garbage collector running in the background. But in terms of phonology (the system of speech sounds in a language), not all languages are made equal: Some have dozens of different consonants and vowels, and some have only a few. Some learners struggle more to understand the strange sounds they hear coming out of noses and throats and rounded lips, and others would take a good French nasal vowel over German noun declensions any day of the week. — the words are in the same order in both languages, so mastering sentence structure is a breeze! ), and farfalle (the pasta shaped like bow ties) actually means “butterflies.” Doesn’t learning Italian sound delizioso? Unless you only speak a language isolate like Korean or Basque, there are plenty of long lost linguistic cousins waiting for you to look them up and get in touch! The languages offered will vary across universities, as well as the combinations of joint honours degrees, so it is important to check this with your institution of choice before applying. Swahili words often sound just like they’re spelled, and the pronunciation is relatively easy for English speakers to pick up. This may come as a surprise, but we have ranked Norwegian as the easiest language for English speakers to pick up. It is a "dead" language and is difficult to learn, but it provides a strong basis for learning other other languages. Esperanto was designed with you in mind: Minimal grammar, easy rules and as a bonus, lots of things that resemble many other world languages. Learning the languages most closely related to your own is like learning with linguistic training wheels. Give yourself a break by learning one of these languages that are easy for English speakers to master! Learn a new language this year. These are all valid motivations, but here’s another: You’re busy. Make sure to learn the words before the sentences. (Hint: there's no wrong answer). Once you're really good at that, learn easy and common things like the numbers, colors, family, months of the year, days of the week, and so on. But as we’ve referenced here and there throughout this post, linguistically speaking, it falls somewhere around the fiftieth percentile. If you’re learning a language for fun, then pick languages you know you can learn together that won’t inflict upon each other. However, the tenses largely align with ones we use in English, so they’re not as difficult to learn as you may think. Before students start learning Dutch they often want to know if Dutch is easy to learn. Here’s a video from 5-Minute Language sharing their perspective. Here are the top languages you should know. Now, Indonesian grammatical structures are very different from those in English, but don’t let that deter you! I am trying to learn Russian in London, but I don’t think I can learn talking as well as writing two at one time. In addition, their writing sy… Other programming languages like C, C#, and Java have very similar syntax to C++, make it easy to learn for everyone who knows C++. You’ll see cognates, or words that have a common origin and similar meanings, like little hints buried in a foreign language sentence. One reason Swedish is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn is the large number of cognates the two languages share (cognates are words in different languages that stem from the same ancestral language and look and/or sound very similar to one another). It’s the third most-spoken Germanic language, after German and English, which makes sense — due to shared vocabulary, Dutch sounds like a combination of German and English. If you’re up for the challenge, check back next week for another list you might find more interesting. This means the languages share quite a bit of vocabulary, such as the seasons vinter and sommer (we’ll let you figure out those translations). Where to start? How long should you practice a new language every day? Have you made a decision? Please check your email for further instructions. Even better, it has no grammatical categories for gender, number or tense. Scans and neuroscience are helping scientists understand what happens to the brain when you learn a second language. The younger your children are, the better it is to introduce them to a foreign language. That’s a shame, because structurally speaking, it’s a cinch. was designed with you in mind: Minimal grammar, easy rules and as a bonus, lots of things that resemble many other world languages. 2. (Download). Mandarin Chinese. Obviously that makes it a simple language to start with. The composition of language degrees will vary between different languages and different institutions. What accounts for these huge differences in opinion? Together, they can be made up into stories, songs, and a whole lot of other things that will help your children be more eloquent. The popular, minimalistic Lack tables are named after the Swedish word for “varnish.” And the Stockholm rugs, of course, get their name from Sweden’s capital. If learning all the new sounds of a foreign language is your biggest challenge, you should consider starting with a language like one of these: You saw this one coming, right? Spanish has always been a go-to language for English speakers to learn due to its practicality and wide reach. The next are Italian, Catalan and Portuguese, which should be easier to get the hang of since at this point you already know Spanish and French. In language acquisition, there is a hypothesis that a “critical period,” or a time when it is optimal to learn a language, exists in children. Also, a lot of C syntax is used in scripting languages," said Duquaine. Number of native speakers: 260 million Grammatical concepts: 3/5 Language family: 3/5 Sounds and tones: 3/5 Writing system: 4/5 Cultural distance: 3/5 Language resources: 1/5 Hindi is highly phonetic, which means it’s spelled the way it sounds – score! 7. If … But grammar-haters beware: Spanish does have a number of different verb tenses and exceptions to grammar rules which can get confusing. But there’s one other factor that makes English in many ways the easiest language of them all. Learning a new language is a challenging and wonderfully rewarding experience. It’s the language of global pop culture and heavily influenced by it, and it loves taking up trendy words and making them “official” (think selfie, bromance, frankenfood, andtotes). Have you ever overheard a foreign language like Arabic or Cantonese and wondered how all those sounds even make up a real language? You’ve probably heard Spanish spoken on TV, on the radio, and even by members of your community. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. Are you learning multiple languages at once? Spanish. It’s not just me, right? Speaking: Very Easy Grammar: Very Easy Writing: Easy Overall: Very Easy As English speakers, we can be thankful that Spanish pronunciations are one of the easiest to learn. That said ON and KUN are not limited to just one reading. But in general, English doesn’t have a lot of inflections, so there’s no messy grammar and most, though not all, of its sounds will be familiar to speakers of other languages. These 6 languages are the most difficult for English speakers to learn. For some, the best thing ever might be to learn Spanish and Portuguese at the same time, but for the majority of people this will be ridiculously confusing and counter productive. ). It’s spoken by the majority of citizens of the Netherlands, as well as a large portion of Belgium’s population. C# was originally designed to be easy to learn and use. With our free mobile app or web and a few minutes a day, everyone can Duolingo. It is a "dead" language and is difficult to learn, but it provides a strong basis for learning other other languages. The next are Italian, Catalan and Portuguese, which should be easier to get the hang of since at this point you already know Spanish and French. I am wanting to learn a programming language: 1) Which takes care of the above, and other, issues which Matlab lacks in many aspects. Hopefully, this will help you narrow down your options, so you can start learning right away! In this post you’ll learn about different programming languages and their uses to help you find the right programming language to learn.. We’ll go through 14 popular programming languages and see what they’re used for. Fortunately, we've found the best apps to help make learning a foreign tongue fun with lessons, quizzes, and other activities. Learning a new language is fun, even if it is time-consuming. We all are. 8. My mother tongue has some difficult sounds like interdental th, some phrasal verbs that admittedly make no sense and a spelling system that makes even less sense. Two things: 1. English students frequently say to me that Dutch is the easiest language to learn. Dylan is a senior content producer, overseeing video and podcast projects for the U.S. team. Here are my 10 reasons why Dutch is an easy language to learn. Success In Language Learning Is Sequential. Python. Dat is mijn huis. 6 Foreign Languages Kids Should Learn The younger your children are, the better it is to introduce them to a foreign language. You can’t reasonably hope to bump into Hungarian speakers often enough to keep up your language skills outside Hungary, but with English, opportunities to practice are nearly infinite. But if you’re looking for a language that’s not gonna require 3-hour evening classes Monday through Friday for the next 10 years, well, we support you just a little more wholeheartedly. Learning Two Languages At Once When you decide to learn two languages at the same time, the most obvious effect is that you will have less time to study overall. Is it the new sounds, the grammar rules, finding chances to practice or something else? – these are the most frequently asked questions from my students. On top of that, it abstracts away a lot of those complex tasks needed to make sure the computer is able to deal with your code – contrary to C++, for instance. Our second easiest language also comes from Scandinavia and the Germanic family of languages.

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