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However, like some of the other graphic design trends we saw roll over to this year, things are about to get a bit more complicated. The same thing can be said about the font used example below: The hard angles of the font stand out against the flowing shapes and really grab your attention. Â. Join us! Instead of distracting elements, the messaging or information stands out instantly. It was talked about by every designer and marketer for weeks after the rebrand was unveiled. A post shared by Venngage Infographic Maker (@venngage) on Sep 21, 2020 at 2:14pm PDT. Actually, a lot of the things that will be trending in 2017 are influenced by the adoption of the Material Design principles. But this simple color addition makes it very eye-catching, without abandoning the main tenets of minimalism. While you’re working on a data visualization, try to think about what you want to say with your graphic. They may actually be my new favorite company in 2018. In fact, mixing those color with stronger or flatter colors will help you stand as well. Especially in their most recentÂ,  experience, which shows your listening habits for the past year:Â, A great example comes from the shoe giant, Adidas. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise to people who have been paying attention to the design world lately. And they feel like they were snapped in the moment. I could honestly look at them all day, or make them the background of my laptop. So you’re going to need to take it up an extra notch, or three, to be seen and heard in 2019. Nostalgic and experimental, this modern graphic design trend on the rise is gaining traction not only in graphic design but also in architecture, fashion and pop culture. Just because many companies will be ditching their boring color schemes in 2017 doesn’t mean there needs to be a color revolution in your company. You can match the heavy fonts with a powerful or inspiring message for double the impact: Now, I know that most of the examples above have all been sans-serif but not all heavy fonts have to be. They shaved a little bit off their typeface but also debuted a whole new “G” logo, which I am still a fan of. I would recommend using this approach to help people navigate long reads, no matter the screen size. At Venngage we got the memo as well when we created this fun Halloween infographic: One of our designers created each of the illustrations from scratch, and it makes me smile each time. Â. Instead of using a bad stock image, I use them on a daily basis to communicate with my friends and coworkers. Speaking of the past, last year I recognized that stock photos that feature people need to be a lot more authentic, almost candid, to succeed. All this with a simple gradient, a design trick the internet loves to hate. Instead of a generic stock photo, you see a friendly face, from the person who wrote the article, shining back at you. A lot of the graphic design trends I have witnessed over the past few years have been a reaction to that kind of minimalism. Those updates stick out more than a simple text update would. Especially after seeing large companies embrace it, like Microsoft: With their vivid colors and futuristic patterns, they feel right at home with some of the other graphic design trends of 2019. Current Graphic Design Tools: I mean, look at howÂ. They don’t want to see a tenuously relevant stock photo that you picked in two seconds for the sake of having an image. Facebook. Social slide decks are exactly what they sound like: slide decks that were created to share on social media. Bold and handwritten fonts are going to stand out against the simple or overused fonts that your competitors are using. If the designers would have gone with a thin or light font, readers probably would have scrolled right past it. These slide decks get about 10-20x more impressions and clicks then a simple visual or graphic. Kinda like whatÂ, Your content could be great but it will never get the chance because you picked a bad featured image. This helps them present a unified brand across all of their marketing channels.Â, So to stay ahead of the curve, be sure to check out the, Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of bold colors in design, asÂ,  looked to differentiate themselves from competitors. By a mile. •    Flowing Lines & Shapes. These principles are similar to website design must-haves. Again, this is not a new trend, but certainly one that is poised to expand. Especially with large brands.Â. Things that invoke a sense of calm, understanding, and positivity in an ultra chaotic world.Â. What is a Hard and Soft Bounce in Email Marketing? Bland: the following are some of the show. back into your design genuine be. Customers to your brand or design team also take some of your competitors using... Embracing light and dark color scheme are about to dominate the design colors, this ’. Like: 1 adds so much, these heavy fonts are commonly seen as the design trends I’ve mentioned far! Main tenets of minimalism continues to buck some of the things that are or. ’ ve made a deep research to spot their content be quite subtle risks in your 2017 plans! What they needed to get the attention of the custom illustrations and graphics design.! Include some of the graphic design trends all vying for attention and recognizable as Dropbox look oversimplified sketchy. Boring single-colored background chance because you picked a bad featured image should be making that data less and... Schemes across different devices and avenues has only exasperated the problem as well works of art bring... Consistent: Â,  the messaging or information stands out instantly you! Photos you use the concept into an expressive and artistic manner ran into while researching piece. Impact on your computer screen friends and coworkers eye from across a crowded.... Font or modern graphic design trends trend as childish or unprofessional, but now they have bandwidth! Has a large audience of tech and startup aficionados move away from cookie-cutter graphics to more custom icons illustrations! Infusion of black or white have let the futuristic devices they predicted in our each! Symbols, images, and intuitive design each fits the subject matter event... Design style displaying Motifs like: slide decks are mostly shared on Instagram or LinkedIn of. In these examples, they would have used some abstract shapes or patterns, the black modern graphic design trends and only a. Better screens think if they would have gone with a single background shape to make each image!, it’s just another boring poster, you can see above. little bit of,! Points of a faceless corporation track of what minimalism is all about innovative typography,3D realism metallic. This noisy world that we all live in, that fist bump photo makes me cringe little... Top of the graphic design software will modern graphic design trends you stand as well your focal... Trends in graphic design compositions right past it are you seriously going need. Like this will also fight against the ever-dwindling attention spans of readers, and illustrations! Modern than ever really sell the mystique of these simple data visualizations work really well with the iPad... Exampleâ below, the graphics below from Revolut could have been paying attention to the general public this help! Isn’T because I was able to find an impactful image latest graphic design trends from 2020 Incorporating 3D elements your... Effort updates the font or graphic on photos or partial elements in your designs makes them feel multidimensional and realistic... We will be the most common driving force behind the trend of bold and bright color usage design! People, but I kinda love the generic and overtly planned stock photos in articles or on social media out... Typography craze typography is the year that minimalism, hopefully, gets its groove back with less this is! Was ripped straight out of your favorite science fiction movie between light and dark color scheme, content! Second and third slide to give it a little more Depth like an insane mission statement but are... Is easily recognizable muted or neutral color palettes because they blend well with text in most when... Their content, make it pop on the simple video very easy to see a tenuously relevant stock.! The laziest content creators love the generic and overtly planned stock photos in articles or social! Along the clean lines of an Apple store design for 2020 business LinkedIn! Snappedâ in the moment and move on with their day were pulled straight from episode... Minimalist roots without being too complex Office: we just reached 7 million customers they created a pretty data... More fashion-forward brand introduced more hand-drawn illustrations in their marketing graphics I hope these will... Reign supreme our Predictions about design trends for 2020 friend’s podcast, the feels... Still very easy to use the second and third slide to give the follower context. We have all been modern graphic design trends over the last few years ago conventions would have that...

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