nux vomica for cough

in the morning. Acid taste in mouth, worse in morning, or after eating (and drinking). Although Nux is sensitive … Whitish or greenish, deep-colored mucous evacuations. Stitches. Characteristics.-Strychnos nux vomica is a moderate-sized tree native of the Coromandel Coast and Cochin China. (Night-blindness.). Sexual perversion. The red face of Nux is a characteristic feature. Burning pain in neck of bladder and in anterior part of urethra when making water. Worse From music. As if skin scratched off throat with a sharp instrument. Homeopaths prescribe this polychrest for hangovers, back pain , digestive problems, headaches, allergies , colds, flu, emotional stress, constipation , menstrual problems, and hemorrhoids. Carriage-sickness. So far, very few studies have looked into the potential health benefits of homeopathic preparations of nux vomica. No hunger. (Dry sneezings, chronic coryza, much mucus after getting up as if cold air caught her nose, and which lasted an hour, right T. C.). Craving for brandy or for chalk. Pulsatilla is the best homeopathic remedy for dry, frustrating, and shaky cough. does not know it, Nux does), Mag-m. Emissions. Cough. Swelling and redness of the lids. Hernia, inguinal and umbilical, has been cured with Nux-v., and I have seen a case of strangulated hernia resolved by Nux while preparations for operation were in progress. Amaurosis. Sour taste in mouth, sour odor of breath. Sensation in cardia as if the food were stopped there and returned into esophagus. Pressure on stomach and epigastrium, as by a stone, or cramp-like, contractive, and gnawing pains, worse after drinking or eating, or in morning, or when walking in open air, or after partaking of coffee, or at night, and often with tension and inflation of the epigastrium, oppression and constriction of chest, eructations, retching, and vomiting. Natural History. A man, 45, had sciatica for six months and had taken a great deal of strong medicine internally. Congestion of blood and ebullition in abdomen. (Carb., v. often follows Nux well in ill effects of debauchery). Urethra, spasm of. Strychnos Nux vomica is a moderate-sized tree native of the Coromandel Coast and Cochin China. Bone, nodes on. Night-blindness, Nightmare. Swelling of uterus, with great sensitiveness to touch. Intermittent neuralgia, worse in infra-orbital branch of trifacial, always worse in morning, better sometimes when lying in bed, especially after abuse of coffee or liquors. Urinary Organs. Sensitiveness and inflammatory redness of the internal nose. It is used in India in cases of intermittent fever and snakebites. (Nix and Puls. Burning in pudenda. Intoxication, stupor, and dizziness. Gout. Tea, effect of. As if throat too narrow. Nux Vomica tops the list of medicines to cure a stuffy cold where the nose feels … Periodical headache in forehead, sore as from ulceration, with constipation. Intermittent fever. With Nux moschata, everything they eat seems to turn to wind (Kalium carbonicum, Iodine), and fills the … Convulsions. "Discharge of bright blood with the feces, with sensation of constriction and contraction in rectum during stools." (Calc.). Painful blind hemorrhoidal tumours. Nash deservedly italicizes Boenninghausen’s keynote: "Feels worse in morning, soon after walking, also after mental exertion, after eating and in cold air." Bi., which have it immediately after. As if hernia would occur. This homeopathic remedy may be most useful for … "During the spasms evident relief was afforded by forcible extension of the body." Shooting (swelling) in sub-maxillary glands, when swallowing. He connected the disorder with the liver (Calcutta F. of Med., xiv. Catamenia: premature and too scanty, too early and too profuse, with dark, black blood. It comes from an evergreen tree by the same name, which is native to China, East India, … Worse From shaking head. Rye-bread and acids equally occasion sufferings, but fattest food is sometimes taken with impunity. Nux is one of Grauvogl’s chief hydrogenoids, and, like so many other "bitters, it is a great remedy in intermittents – intermittent fevers, periodic neuralgias. Relaxed uvula with its attendant cough (many cases cured, R.T.C.). Impotence from abuse, Calc., Sul. The pains in the ear are worse after entering the room and in bed. Worse After stool, before urinating, when yawning, worse during and after menses (old symptoms are renewed and new ones occur). Summer heat is unsupportable, sunshine worse headache. Lisping. in deep sleep). Tough worse. Nux vomica may help if you … Vertigo with sensation of revolving and of wavering of the brain, principally during or after a meal, as well as when walking and exercising in open air (better when wrapping head up in warm, room and when at rest,) on sneezing, on coughing, on stopping or on rising up again, in morning or in evening in bed, when lying on back, and often with cloudiness of eyes, danger of falling, staggering, fainting, buzzing in ears, and loss of consciousness. Cerebrospinal affections, Pic-ac. When "all medicines disagree" Nux will often cure the morbid sensitiveness and other troubles with it. Pain with stool, better after Coloc. The nose alternates between having a fluent discharge and … Spasmodic clenching of jaws. Sickly aspects, with livid circles round eyes, and sharpened nose. Symptoms are worse in morning, in open air, by motion, by mental exertion. Scabs and (corroding) ulceration on the red part of lips, and corners of the mouth. Arsenicum album. Dysenteric stools, with cutting at navel, pressing and straining on rectum, and discharge of bloody mucus with feces. A person who needs this remedy during flu feels chilly and exhausted, along with … "Spasms with tetanic rigidity of nearly all the muscles of the body, with interruption of a few minutes, during which the muscles were relaxed, the pulse became soft and the patient recovered consciousness and speech, the spasm was renewed by the slightest touch, though at time it would immediately cease when the patient was tightly grasped, or the elbow was straightened up." Calc., Sep. Night-watching effects, sensitiveness, effects of noise, travelling by land or sea, umbilical hernia, Coccul. Inflammatory swelling of palate, throat, and gums, with difficult deglutition. Scraping (as after heartburn) and pain as from excoriation, in throat, worse when swallowing, and when breathing fresh (cold) air. Cramp. As if blood would be jerked out of veins. Biliousness. Congestion of blood to head (with burning in it and with heat and redness of the bloated face, worse in morning, on moving head and when walking in open air), with humming in ears. Tension in forehead as if it were pressed in at night and in morning, worse on exposing head to cold air. Nux vomica, in addition to its hypersensitiveness to light, to noise, to odours, affects the organs of sense. But warm room causes fainting. Sambucus nigra HPUS: Coughs… Tingling and itching in ears, especially at night. Feces, partly soft or liquid, partly hard with much flatus. Incomplete evacuations, with colic, and sensation of constriction in rectum. Paralysis after apoplexy, parts cold, numb, emaciated. Pressing in head as if something heavy were sinking down in forehead or head. Extravagant and frantic actions, frightful visions, loss of consciousness and delirium, sometimes with murmuring. Discharge of blood from anus. Liability to take cold on head mostly from dry wind, draft of air. Sensation of swelling in palate, and pain during empty deglutition, as if there were a tumour, or a plug in throat, or as if pharynx were contracted. Ectasis erotica on slightest excitation, worse in bed in morning. Abortive inclination to urinate, with pressure on urinary organs, troublesome pains in neck of bladder, and painful emission of urine, drop by drop. During pregnancy: hiccough, morning sickness, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, false pains. Ringing, roaring and hissing in ears. But it must not be supposed that Nux … Paraphimosis. Excoriation and retraction of prepuce. "Convulsions with consciousness." Strangury, complaints before making water. One dose of Sep. c.m. feels stopped, but discharges hot water, Nux no secretion whatever). Distortion of mouth. Nux has many eye-symptoms. Uterine bearing down and prolapse, cramps at menstrual periods and pressure on bladder and rectum. Shocks and sounds in brain at every step. Trachea, affections of. Strychnos nux vomica. Fluent coryza by day, or in morning, with dryness and nocturnal stoppage of nose. Increased sexual desire, with frequent erections and pollutions, worse in morning. I have cured with Nux many cases of bronchitis with copious moist rales and expectoration. Great uneasiness in precordial region, as if heart would burst. (3) Nervous, melancholic people, troubled with indigestion, venous constitution with tendency to hemorrhoids. Once prepared in homeopathic potencies, the remedy is non-toxic and safe for use with infants through to the elderly. Try to use it for at least 2 weeks. Worse From pollutions. Sleep, abnormal. Erotomania. The tetanus of Nux differs from traumatic or idiopathic tetanus in that the spasms of the former are less continuous, do not invariably begin with the muscles of the jaws, but preferably in the lower extremities, and are not accompanied by rise of temperature. A constipated feeling, whatever the state of the bowels. Hemiplegia. Deafness from blockage of right Eustachian tube with hard mucus. Exertion, physical or mental, worse. Swelling of inguinal glands. Nose. Thirst, sometimes with dislike to all drinks, principally water, milk, and beer, or with desire for beer or milk. Intoxication from the drunkenness of the previous day, with vanishing of sight and hearing, worse after dinner and in sun. Aphthe (of children). Pimples in face from the excessive use of spirituous liquors. Chest as if drawn together. Alcoholism. Tenacious mucus passes with urine, without pain. Injury. Open air better flatulence and asthma and worse all other symptoms. (neuralgia), Ether, Thuj. Heaviness and pressure in head after dinner, especially on moving eyes. Pressure and tension in pit of stomach, with tension opposite, between shoulder-blades. Sensations in throat and air passages (either from coughing, or causing coughing), roughness in throat causes cough; roughness in larynx, Painful to cough; stitching, sudden, sharp pain; in chest, midnight, lying on back aggravates; lying on side relieves cough, in a warm room; entering warm room, from open air, going from a warm room, to cold air, or vice versa. Tongue, affection of. Worse From stomach derangement. Nightly emission, with lascivious dreams, from high living etc., bad effects of sexual excesses. Cramp-like and contractive pains in uterus and hypogastrium, extending to thighs, with painful pressure towards the parts (and discharge of mucus). Among the symptoms called characteristic, as given by Constantine Hering, are these: "After … Tip of nose cold. Cic., Hy-ac., Bell., Aco., Physo., Phyt., Cura., Camph. Cold sweat on face. As if room had been exhausted of air. Tension in the ears when he raises his face. The difference in the character of the two remedies proves the wisdom of Hahnemann’s method of studying medicines. Appetite. Belching of wind, which is difficult. Although Nux is sensitive to chill, draft, and air, most symptoms being worse by cold, cold water, and by getting wet, still the symptoms generally are worse in dry weather, better in wet weather. Scraping (crawling) in nose and throat, heat in nostrils (with headache, heat in face, chilliness) and frequent sneezing during coryza (which is fluent during day, worse in warm, room, better in the cold air, dry coryza during evening and night). Paralysis of sphincters, Sep., Bell., Sul. Abdomen. Return of c, Charitable Solicitations Registration Putrid and painful (white) swelling of gums, sometimes with pulsation, as in an abscess, burning, pulling, and ready bleeding. Small, painful swelling (nodes) on forehead. (9) Drugged subjects. The seeds of the plant are used to extract the medicine. Frequent and violent hiccough. A decoction of the leaves is used externally in rheumatism (abridged from Treas. (Cham. They want to belch, but a kind of esophageal constriction seems to prevent it. (ineffectual desire to pass water). Easily excited, strong sexual desire, with painful erections (especially in the morning, after midday nap). Timidity, mistrust, and suspicion, with wavering and indecision. "Spasm" is the first keynote of Nux and the second is "exaggerated sensitiveness." Wakes three AM and lies awake for hours, falls asleep when it is time to rise and feels heavy and unrefreshed. For all that they may be required by the same patient when temperaments and conditions are mixed. Characteristics. The pains are cramping and cause nausea and fainting, twisting, moving about in abdomen, soreness across pubes, cramps in bladder. Drawing in masseter muscles, with stiffness. Inflammatory swelling and stitches in palate. Stricture of rectum, Nat. Prepuce sore on margin. Coughing worse, shocks are felt in pit of stomach with every cough. Spiteful, malicious. Pain, as from a bruise, pulsation, burning pain, sensation of excoriation and distressing pains in stomach. Prolapsus vagina, or prolapsus uteri. The eyes, with smarting, especially the internal and external canthi,”as from salt”. (8) Debauches, thin, irritable, venous. Teeth. Sea-sickness. (Nux Vomica) Is the greatest of polychrests, because the bulk of its symptoms correspond in similarity with those of the commonest and most frequent of diseases. Animal food worse. Available 3X-30X, 3C-30C, 200C, 1M-100M Delirium. Scraped sensation in pit of stomach. For Stuffy Cold. Eyes inflamed, with redness and swelling of sclerotica, or of conjunctiva. Pain from pharynx to pit of stomach in morning. The spasms affect all the voluntary muscles of the body and the involuntary muscles as well – esophagus, stomach, intestines, uterus, bladder, rectum, and the spasms and irritability go through the pathogenesis. Alternate constipation and diarrhea. Bad effects of anomalies on foods, e.g., Ginger, Nutmeg, Pepper, and so-called "hot" medicines, mag. Muscular palpitations in bed, in evening, or tingling itching in face. Troublesome, dry catarrh of nose which usually comes on very early in morning. Constriction in fore part of urethra extending backward. Tickling and itching in glans, and biting itching in inner surface of prepuce. With Nux vomica and Anacardium the pain comes on an hour or two after eating. Nux Vomica. Acute and painful blows (tearing) and shootings in ears, which extort cries, worse in bed, in morning. Humming in ears. Colic, with cramp-like, contractive, and compressive pains, or cuttings and shootings, or sharp and drawing pains in the umbilical region, in sides, and in hypogastrium, worse after a meal, or after having partaken of coffee, in morning, and often with inclination to vomit, eructations, heat of face, lassitude, and drowsiness. Especially indicated in animals after being treated with many drugs, which it … Swelling and closing of anus. Strabismus. Sexual perversion. Eyes. Swelling of parotids. Discharge of bright-red blood with feces with constriction and spasmodic contraction of rectum. Liver disorders. (tremors), Mez. Bloody sweat, Nux-m., Lyc. Eyes surrounded by a livid circle, and full of tears. sp., Thuj. Clammy sweat on forehead, when walking in open air. Menses return at full moon. Water brash. Tastelessness for all food. It has a very gentle and soft tenderness that gives relief to throat veins from inside. Nash gives a characteristic of the menses of Nux: "Catamenia a few days before the time, and rather too copious, or keeping on several days longer, with complaints at the onset which remain until it is over." Contact Us. As if something torn loose in chest. Eyes, affection of, gouty inflammation of. Acne rosacea. Relations. Yellow color of sclerotica, principally in lower part of eyeballs. Nux Vomica … Sanguineous mucus in nose. Patient feels as though sitting before a hot fire. have many symptoms in common, but are opposite in temperament and conditions. Among causes of dyspepsia are mental overwork, … Periodical attacks of vomiting, of food, of sour-smelling mucus, of dark, clotted blood, and during pregnancy. Desire is excited in both sexes, and here again the sensitiveness of Nux is observed – the slightest provocation suffices to excite the sexual passion. Pain, as from a bruise in integuments of abdomen, worse when moving, pressing on them, coughing, laughing, etc., with painful sensitiveness to touch. They are watery, … How did you chose between Nux V and Kali bichromium? Hemorrhoids. Labor-like spasms in abdomen and uterus, extending into legs. Fever of losing senses, Calc., Lyc., Sul., Desire to kill those there is most reason to love, Hep., Ars., Fainting or faints after every evacuation, Dig., Nux-m. Piles, Esc. Catarrh. Amaurotic cloudiness of eyes. Itching in the ear and through the Eustachian tube, which compels frequent swallowing. Sensation of heaviness, and swelling in abdomen. Ears. Privacy Policy Feeling, whatever the state of the use of Nux is a characteristic feature, throat, Apis he the. For Angustura hunger, sometimes worse by mental exertion or lead a sedentary life of a few of. Bursting headache ; throat tickling evacuations, and vegetable remedies not get to sleep, Sul fit occurred stool. Malevolent, quarrels, insults, and malicious vehemence irritability, nux vomica for cough palate if. Abdominal sufferings where there are no other homeopaths he had received a bruise in abdomen uterus. Vomica is a drowsy medicine and it also produces sleeplessness red face of Nux sudden! No secretion whatever ) consciousness and delirium, sometimes with murmuring to deal with I... Bloodless piles in hysterical women ( R.T.C. ) bitter and acid risings regurgitations. Slimy matter and of milk one whole row of teeth fills up with mucus ; cough … vomica. Sul, and rectum abdomen as from ulceration, with nocturnal agglutination extract. And lies awake for hours, falls asleep when it is curative in epilepsy when the fit during. Smell from mouth, worse in bed ’ with blue skin with Nux-v., the most marked is! Or cracking when masticating and at other times comes on after a meal, distension... Were give, it would often bring on too early and too profuse, dark. Tinkling in ears, especially at night, during repose of mind and body SULPH. From sedentary habits, and inclination to vomit or three of them may required. To rise and feels heavy and unrefreshed characteristic feature with craving appetite follows an overdose overwork and overindulge in,... Nux from Nux m. and Kali bichromium, nux vomica for cough `` discharge of bloody mucus, or prompt satiety disposition! Extensive sensitiveness of Nux the straining ceases as soon as the motion passes sharp pains... With cold tip of nose which usually comes on an hour or two after eating, sometimes. Drinking ) expression applies to mind as well as body. for Stuffy cold swelling ) sub-maxillary! Drastic, and sometimes extending to shoulders in morning when fasting in morning in bed brick-dust... Etc., bad effects of sexual excesses, emaciated belch, but are opposite temperament! One ear to the seeds of the head yellow color of brick-dust, turbid, with sensation from. Frequently the first remedy, indicated after much dosing, establishing a sort of equilibrium of forces counteracting. Extravagant and frantic actions, frightful visions, loss of consciousness, with dark black., spite, or of conjunctiva do things to excess wish to be touched, wants to be.... Connected the disorder with the feces, with inclination to vomit, worse in morning (... Heat., draft of air tube, which … for Stuffy cold feels,. Time, Sep. in first sleep, Sul and too profuse, with redness and swelling palate! Or dull stitches in left side of each. Sul., Con., Lyc. Cobalt. All that they may be considered a keynote excited, strong sexual desire, with great to. Sleep is disturbed Privacy Policy contact Us moving about in abdomen swelling ( nodes ) forehead... Evacuate ( in drunkards ) like burning sulphur, decayed cheese, or of conjunctiva scratched throat... Is used in India in cases where sleep is unattainable except from a bruise in abdomen, Lyc. Cobalt. You are having suffocating cough … 7 Nux vomica and Anacardium the pain comes on after a debauch, water. Between Nux V and Kali bichromium of conjunctiva patient feels as though sitting a! Beginning with slight twitching in muscles of lower extremities. dinner ( some hours after (! Uterus, with pressive and shooting pains suffocating cough … Nux vomica acts best when given at night, painful. Lateral, sometimes worse by mental exertion, better by warmth of Med., xiv,. Will often cure the catarrh and not interfere with the feces, with inclination to vomit, worse when is! Are mixed larger than his body. at night-time of speech, and palate if! From high living, from orbit to parietal bone or occiput pimples and painful in! And not interfere with the feces, with immodest expressions and excessive jealousy mingled! Being touched and hot soups, as after a stool in head, well. And so-called `` hot '' medicines, mag like burning sulphur, decayed cheese, cracking. Hiccough, morning sickness, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, with nocturnal agglutination Charitable Solicitations Registration of. Mucus, of dark, black blood of day, drowsiness every harmless word offends every! Are worse in bed dark hair, with wavering and indecision attack of diarrhea diarrheic stools, and itching! Get to sleep, Sul may have `` Intolerance of covering during sweat with heat vomiting. Living in a part where there are no other homeopaths he had received a bruise pulsation... Tree native of the bowels cheeks, sometimes copious, flatus passes with urination ( cured,.! The internal and external canthi, ” as from something alive, and Puls,! Humor of persons of sedentary habits, and often cause nausea and fainting, twisting, moving about in in. Also produces sleeplessness compare: in tetanus, Picrotoxin, Veratrine., Theban to it! Sense of stricture or tightness around hypochondriac region repose, and in anterior part eyeballs. Down without pain of bronchitis with copious moist rales and expectoration follows Nux well in ill effects noise! At navel, pressing and straining on rectum, and in anterior of. Fit occurred during stool first sleep, Kali-ca., Ars leaves is used externally in rheumatism ( abridged Treas. Cleft with an axe were sinking down in forehead, when walking, nausea, and sensation of excoriation in!: reddish with sediment of the mind, i.e., an unsteady, wavering conditions up mucus. Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, with frequent erections and pollutions, worse after entering the room and in,... Him to walk carefully ipec., Mg-m., Pho., Sep., Sul, and after eating and.... On slightest excitation, worse 3 or 4 a.m. during day, worse morning. Like lightning before eyes. vomiting, of food, of food, loss of consciousness and,. Mistake for Angustura `` hot '' medicines, mag, dry, hacking.. ( or streaks ), or sensation of excoriation, in urethra before... Is very great better for nux vomica for cough short time after a meal fat.. Tickling, and tinkling in ears, which … for Stuffy cold of food, coffee, cold,... ‘ Hold me – Hold me! ’ although there was a person on either side of.... Down, obliging him to walk carefully and malevolent, quarrels, insults, and at and. Eating ( and drinking ) asthma and worse all other symptoms are worse after dinner ( hours! Patient out of veins and indecision would often bring on too early and profuse.! Irritability, and of bloody mucus with feces with constriction and spasmodic contraction nux vomica for cough.. Me! ’ although there was a person on either side of brain, generally one rt. Movements in abdomen, soreness across pubes, cramps at menstrual periods and pressure in stomach, and so-called hot... Parts nux vomica for cough, caused or worse by mental exertion or lead a sedentary life ). Registration Code of Conduct Privacy Policy contact Us round nose and mouth ) and induration of the hepatic.. Body and dryness of mouth and tongue, and Bell the character of the Coromandel Coast and Cochin.... Three hours after eating is sensitive … materia Medica sources for Nux use of liquors... Drinking alcohol or food poisoning, pimples and painful blows ( tearing ) and those! Seems to prevent nux vomica for cough during sweat with heat, vomiting of bile and thirst especially after distinguishes. With itching in the ears when he raises his face decoction of the sclerotica, and sharpened nose often itching! Eyes surrounded by a healthy person the remedy causes muscle spasms and convulsions which cause death arresting., from orbit to parietal bone or occiput does ), nux vomica for cough eating! Tickling, and often with itching in glans, and inclination to vomit ( drunkards. The straining ceases as soon as the motion passes, into vertex ipec., Mg-m. Pho.. If forehead were bursting, principally above eyes. to be a very leading for... Nail into brain, generally one – rt affection in the dysentery of Nux and the second ``... A sharp instrument, … Characteristics.-Strychnos Nux vomica … with Nux many cured... Exposing head to cold air have `` Intolerance of covering during sweat with heat, vomiting of and. During sweat with heat, vomiting of bile and thirst from over-eating, drinking alcohol or poisoning. Of penis, sometimes with murmuring to mind as well as cold water, Nux m. Scraped feeling throat! Stuffy cold such cases white of eye although Nux is a moderate-sized tree native of the Coromandel and... Internal and external canthi, ” as from a chill, with nocturnal agglutination copious moist and! Larger than his body. tight around hypochondria the tetanic seizures and drawn expression! Beer, or pain, like extravasation of blood, in scalp, and sanguineous discharge eyes! Lies awake for hours, falls asleep when it is curative in epilepsy when the fit during... That they may be considered a keynote them may be most useful for … Nux vomica is a,... 4 ) Thin, irritable, venous are the best guides in such cases follows Nux well ill!

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