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Some people even choose to get a nonsurgical nose job using injectable fillers. PLLA fillers are synthetic and although, similar to HA fillers, they too come in the form of injectable gel but they also contain special microspheres. Lip Augmentation: A technique based on injections of natural or synthetic materials, implants or surgery to create fuller, 'kissable' lips, while decreasing wrinkles around the mouth Dr. Devgan says that lip fillers typically last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on a number of things, like your metabolic rate, how much you move your lips, and how much product you apply to the lips. Though, it's worth noting that we do use only the highest grade quality lip fillers, meaning treatment results can last up to an impressive 12 months in many cases. How Long Do Fillers Last? If you're thinking about having dermal fillers, be clear about why you want them. The lower lip is typically slightly thicker than the upper lip, so it’s important to inject the correct amount of filler to both the upper and lower lips to keep the proportions natural looking. Lip Enhancement At A for Aesthetics we specialize in dermal lip fillers, particularly helping young and old people to enhance their lips, through a wide r