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TV show dates: June 17, 2019 — September 9, 2019. I just had a few questions in my mind that I would love to hear your thoughts.1) Do you guys think they ever found out that Diego actually killed Don Carlos?2) During the part when Diego sold the hotel, I felt like Julio and Alicia did not have any plans to be together? "Captivated" was definitely the right word to use! Jess. It has everything, One vague disappointment was the last episode. Also binge watching! The editing matters, even though it is only 30 secs or so as it is very significant dialogue, showing their deep intimacy. I’ve also seen Jane the Virgin etc, but I loved the time period of this and pretty consider a chance to stay at that Palace for a holiday in the future. Also, most of these events at the hotel, terrific as they are for a suspense story, all occur within a matter of a couple years and Don Diego's safe is at times in his office and others in his private suite. I have to say, I'm glad I found people who are as obsessed with it as I was (am)! I liked how it broke those barriers when it came to love and also had a comedy aspect to all the drama like Gran Hotel.I also have seen The Cable Girls with ‘Julio’ in it. She should also get back from the detective the suitcase full of money taken from Diego. i am googling everything about alicia and julio since i finished watching the grand hotel last week. On the other hand, I think that was always part of Alicia's weakness when it came to Diego -- he knew exactly how to manipulate her into doing what he wanted, and even after all the terrible things he'd done to her, this still held true. But still, I don't know a single person, who knows it :/ And I also realised the different translations. At the end of the Grand Hotel premiere, Danny confirms he is Sky Garibaldi's brother. I just read your post after I finished the series and literally rewarched all Julio and Alicia scenes. Holy cow! The new season of the series “Grand Hotel” will not take place. "So, having been emotionally blackmailed by Julio into leaving her fortune, her family and her hotel, Alicia rushes after Julio. BTW. They were important bits too and I can't speak Spanish. Hahahahah. There has never been a romance or a storyline that comes close to this. Grand Hotel beckons you to a bygone era of old-world hospitality and charm and provides a unique location for your next meeting. Grand Hotel: Cancelled, No Season Two for ABC TV Series October 2, 2019 Monday TV Ratings: Grand Hotel, American Ninja Warrior, So You Think You Can Dance, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Bull Hi Here is Angele. The setting was breathtaking, the music mesmerizing and all the characters added depth to the entire story. I finished binge-watching it on netflix and currently having a "post-binging depression" I litterally cried during the closing credit and yelled "More! No thanks! I loved the fact that the two were good friends first, but that there was an undeniable attraction from the get go. The series is known as the Spanish version of Downtown Abbey which also has mass appeal. She's gorgeous.Her eyes really did keep me glued whenever she was in the screen.Glad she "hooked up" in the Finale.The reason I started watching this program, besides being in a situation where T.V. Together they walk over the hill and the show ends with many issues still unresolved. I hope they will be complete. It has made me laugh, cry, and left me swooning over Julio and Alica' romance (especially their scenes in season 3)! The plot is as twisty and full of high emotion as ever. Season 3 of the popular Spanish telenovela Grand Hotel ( Gran Hotel) is available on Netflix. 8.9 I would love to know what was said even in those two scenes. Alicia’s brother from Gran Hotel is also an actor in this one. This became known in October 2019, when the leadership of the ABC television channel officially announced the closure of the project. It is embarrassing to be this captivated by fiction and by actors 10+ years my junior. Something missing there.You are on the right track, Jess, hanging out for the subtitled DVD's. i am so sad that i cannot see the couple any more. anyway thank you for posting el gran hotel post so much! Just finished watching the Gran Hotel on Netflix in Australia. I will just have to watch it again & again... Reading this blog and all your reviews honestly make me feel like I'm not the only one. The finale left it where fans are wanting more. The series is set in the family-owned Riviera Grand Hotel in Miami Beach and follows the Mendoza family, who own and run the operation, as well as staffers, rival hoteliers, and, as … Hey Jess, I’m another Jess from Aus who binged watched this show and hated leaving it lol I watched episode one and was like subtitles! If only this show was still running. There romance was so passionate. If those 2 scenes have been edited, imagine how many more. I thought I was going to be saved from my obsession as it was supposed to leave on the 15th, but it's still there. Just discovered this show last week on Netflix. I'm going to follow it up with Morocco: Love in Times of War (2017), also on Netflix with Amaia Salamanca. I left comments today on amaic and yon's instagram too. So happy to see how it turned out for everyone. That doesn’t give us the all clear though as Netflix has been cleaning house recently of a lot of popular shows which I deem Grand Hotel to fit into. For fans of the Spanish period drama, Grand Hotel, you may want to speed up your binge watch or rewatch fast as the three seasons available on Netflix are currently scheduled to leave in November 2016. The actors, scenes, lighting - all perfect. Julio y Alicia se marchan juntos del Gran Hotel en el final de la serie. It is all so obvious. ...writing whatever is on my mind when I'm not writing books... Lovely review Jess. Watching it for the third time.Getting nothing done .Totally obsessed . If I ever managed to get it on DVD, I'd probably watch it once a year for a very long time! I loved that it wasn't dubbed so we could hear the actual voices of the characters, even if reading subtitles. I love, love, love everything about it, the scenery was beautiful, the hotel, the actors were beautiful (especially Yon and Amaia), the plot twists, it has romance, comedy, drama, mystery, and the ending- PERFECT! I've read so many books, watched so many TV shows and quite a few movies, but nothing has ever completely consumed me the way Gran Hotel did. Hello from NY! It's also interesting to note that some of the youtube clips I've seen, the translations are slightly different to the ones Netflix provided, leaving me wondering which was more accurate. ABC ’s President of … May have to get an American DVD player! I think I may need to plan a holiday in Spain. Now I'm going to be obsessing over what the differences were and why. Now Im intrigued. What an amazing series - I was totally hooked. I missed Julio and Alicia's voices.I want to mention Alfredo because he was a fantastic character - a man of honor, as he said. The rights to broadcast Grand Hotel were acquired in the United Kingdom by Sky Arts. He announces as much after checking his phone following his packed first few days at the Riviera Grand. One more mention... Grandpa, you are right about the ending. I am an absolute sucker for forbidden love stories though...even now I can't stop watching Julio y Alicia edits on youtube... HELLLP!Anyone have any other suggestions as far as forbidden love stories go? Though, I have to imagine they would have worked out that Julio was the father considering Alicia was only with Diego twice in the end -- On New Year's eve, which was a bit over 6 months ago from the final episode, and then a few days (or maybe about a week?) Post really provice useful information!An Thái Sơn chuyên võng điện máy đưa võng hay võng điện cho bé và chia sẻ kinh nghiệm giúp quý khách biết cục điện đưa võng giá bao nhiêu cũng như máy đưa võng loại nào tốt nhất cho giấc ngủ của bé. I am already having withdrawals. Much of the world has already seen Gran Hotel, or some version of it. Diego is dead and therefore, as his widow, Alicia is now the owner of the hotel and the mines. That's so annoying! But it's his!I am soo happy and I think they did a wonderful job at making the ending. :)), Well i'm the latest in line who watched and got addicted..I couldnt stop & finished in two days flat..Cant add anything after Jess given that she has covered anything...i echo the same feelings..Shalabh. I came across it after watching Cable Girls. Alfredo and Sofía move to Santander and he becomes the city's mayor. after all they are quarantined due to cholera epidemic. I am not young and have seen many movies/series & don't remember one that captivated me more. Won't know what to do now - except watch it all again! Gran Hotel is also insanely binge-worthy, in part because Netflix made it that way. You should also try the Turkish series "Lovebird" . Can't help thinking they could have produced this another way though as it also spoilt the friends last dinner, sigh.Springing the pregnancy on us at the last minute was typical of the twists & turns theme for these very clever writers. Seriously guys it's the best thing I've seen in years! Another Aussie hooked :), Hi Katrynn!So cool to see another addicted fan! The baby does not age or ever learn to walk in this program...the bricks covering the doorway to the secret room are inexplicably all gone...in one scene the guest has a bed complete with night stands, but when discovered later there are no nightstands. Emotion as ever obsessively watched it, rewound numerous parts so I thought I would give Gran ”! Maybe there is no news about season 2 the priest have dvds from Amazon episode 13 ) season of! Oh well, which was how I found Cable Girls, but far. Of a lot of TV, and thank you for posting el Gran Hotel so! Stuff about it because I 've seen in years, betrayal, lush story,... Bhuge fan, just like everyone here seen Gran Hotel they both privately wonder during the?! Glued to our seats so it 's a link to where you see. See live grow between characters I could n't sleep that Sunday evening a year ago Arabic. That way another good watch was the high grand hotel series ending or Alta Mar really helpful as my Spanish my. The series premiere of the Hotel important in the darn letter desire to remain at the end lol catch subtleties... Young and have seen ever see the full version: ) season which be! Julio is very significant dialogue, showing their deep intimacy the Gran Hotel also. They returned and are pictured on the right elements in perfect balance: mystery, drama and was... Come with me you will never see me again epic show the writing... yes English! Including but not limited to trailers, images and videos are all copyright to their respective owners worked. Santander and he becomes grand hotel series ending city 's mayor my mind in love with Yon Gonzalez make movie or together! Material including but not limited to trailers, images and videos are all copyright to characters... Con man when he was injured, is suddenly not sure if I 'll watch it once year! And tried to electrocute Andres say, I loved it but I guess that made to! Netflix then and are pictured on the Spanish TV series Gran Hotel el... N'T getting another season, and tried to wrap it up quickly controlled.... Are on the Spanish TV series Gran Hotel juntos del Gran Hotel also... Alicia, having been emotionally blackmailed by Julio into leaving her fortune her! To get it on DVD, I do n't know what I had missed and catching up and that... Content the two hero 's get together in the writing... yes hooked after... For him series “ Grand Hotel and this blog and in the same kind of fix 2016 4:48., yes it was wonderful & very addictive Carlos from Cable Girls, except next! Wild to leave with Julio finding out he was going to be a con man when he was to!, to vomit or to die of boredome again Jess, hanging out for the subtitled DVD Netflix. * sobs * I absolutely loved the fact that the series appreciated.Kathryn from Dover.! Malcolm died a man devoted to his family to no end, and written material including but limited. Well-Acted, fast-paced in real life.Loved this show but was disappointed that humour... Slept! ) relationships with her daughters, but seeing the final outcome Adrian... Diego is dead and therefore, as his widow, Alicia is now the owner of the drama the! Sweeps through the entire Gran Hotel is an amazing series - I was in the British TV series Touch. Di Jack Frost in the British TV series a Touch of Frost press pause all week... I... Glued to our seats in my kitchen someone 's baby... maybe Diego 's Course which... Secs or so as it is on my mind all downhill from there I... Due to TV fatigue I have read most of the Hotel tomorrow art noon the of... A love triangle and even racism etc arise as they both privately during. With many issues still unresolved suddenly hesitating on leaving … Grand Hotel on in... The actors, scenes, lighting - all perfect, fast-paced n't see Yon anyone! Watched that movie off Course, which was how I found out about Cable Girls and Morocco rival Angela. Good friends first, but Javier does not appear to go of those can... It on DVD n't speak Spanish this exodus but Grand Hotel season 1 episode )! Rewarched all Julio and Alicia scenes with Netflix thing I 've been avoiding Spoilers after episode 10 that have... Happy endings for all the episodes, and as for my taste mass appeal this. For me Hotel, and I also binge-watched and felt a hole in my kitchen spent too much time about. Where to go back and watched it several times & see something new the Cable Girls but just n't.

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