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There is an easier method in the terms of use. At any one time 75% of the machines insist that LD run an integrity check at reboot, the integrity check never finds anything to correct but it still insists on running. Livedrive is one of the world's fastest growing cloud storage companies serving millions of home users, small businesses and enterprises worldwide. Livedrive’s reseller solutions come with a wide range of different features and services to offer you powerful cloud backup services to sell to your customers. This program allows you to sell online backup, remote access, and cloud storage to your own customers. Alphr PC World WSJ PC Pro Expert Reviews . However about a month or so ago one of my servers started backing up a tremendous amount of data in fairness it took me about a month to figure out why my throughput stats were so high. So I needed to change again and look for different provider. So I thought what the hell, let’s try it. It does seem like Livedrive has locked that down considerably. More Details Ambitious but ultimately confusing, LiveDrive attempts to do a lot of different things, but ends up as its own worst enemy, with good features spread across an over-complicated array of different plans. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android. By the way this is not the only problem I had with them. $6.00/Month, $60.00/Year, $110.00/Two Years. It also keeps the last 30 versions of your files so you can restore a previous version if you changed something you didn’t want to. Recommended by experts. If you find that uploading your backup takes too much bandwidth, you can throttle it by going to “settings,” clicking “advanced” and then “bandwidth.”. Livedrive says that they are one of the world’s leading cloud … You can get the Briefcase plan in just $13 using this offer. I can’t tell you how much I used the file preview feature on my iPhone to look at an Excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation before meeting with a client. Briefcase costs $16 per month and gives you 2TB of sync storage space. I have only about 20 clients so far and they pay pretty much the same price as they would if they bought it as an end user directly from Livedrive. This prevents me being locked into service provider and avoid 3 months of upload/download of initial data. Pros Livedrive has a clean interface and some helpful tools like NAS backup. 2. Quantity. Information Services, 1-10 employees. Hi had livedrive for approx 4 years, and things were fine to begin with, files were backing up, I had lots of computers connected, and I was happy with my £10 a month. No explanation, no discusson or chance to fix whatever I might have done wrong. This is a company with zero technical support and even fewer people there who care about anything. Livedrive Review. I had Livedrive 3 or 4 years ago. I had the same situation. Add to that the need to give them a credit card to even trial the service and call a UK number to cancel Livedrive adds up to a service you should just avoid. 2. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. If someone could contact support for me and help me out here, I’d be very grateful. It targets small businesses and home users. 5/5. The online backup service now has over 500,000 clients spread across the … It might not be illegal, but it is certainly questionable. Overall I feel that things are running quite smoothly with livedrive, only thing I can’t really comment on is the syncing because I have not used it yet. Of recent, their service has been failing with lost online documents. Capture payment using Chargebee. This said, I would like to assist on this matter more directly, and resolve the root cause. 8-digit recovery code. I help my clients with there backups and restoring files and they are happy. AVOID for your own sake and the chance of loosing all your data and money. I have only about 20 clients so far and they pay pretty much the same price as they would if they bought it as an end user directly from Livedrive. Plus: $9.34/month. Includes Backup + Briefcase. I have told them so many times that dripbit refuse to answer anything they just keep saying nothing to do with us. I recently reorganised my files and Livedrive had to back them up from scratch in one go, about 300GB of files. I also have a Synology DS211+ set up with 2 3TB hard drives, 2TB cloud storage for sync across multiple devices. Livedrive’s Pro Suite account offers unlimited online backup storage for 5 user accounts on your Windows or Mac computer(s). It’s not cheap: you can get 2TB of cloud storage space for far less from or pCloud. In my testing of the Android and iOS apps they are kind nice to have to access your files, but that is all they do. Livedrive corrupted about 1 – 3 percent of all my files. One of those, SpiderOak ONE, is a cloud backup service, as well. That’s why I signed up for life drive a couple of months ago and I don’t want to go back. If you have important data on livedrive then I strongly suggest you back it up somewhere else. Finding a decent online backup is hard enough on its own these days and when you need backup along with online storage space, the task becomes even more difficult. The ProSuite offers both backup and the sync-able storage of Briefcase, backing up five computers with unlimited space for $20 per month. I made the same experiance as Ken. If you need to save space on your hard drive, you can choose to store files online only. Before deciding a plan I contacted support to ask if it’s possible to get a little bit of sync with the backup plan but guess what: they didn’t know and promised to get back to me, until today I’m waiting for an answer!! Hi! 5/5. Spanning makes it quick, easy and affordable to keep your information safe in the event you lose your cloud based data. Livedrive is the most annoying of all the cloud backup services I have tested. My account was charged for another year and then they suspended my account for no reason. We have used livedrive for many years and over time whenever we have needed to do a restore we have always run into problems. This is a hit-and-run scam in my opinion. The monthly charge is $59.95 for those … This is a pretty standard feature with cloud backup services, so standard now that I don’t usually have to even mention it but the fact that Livedrive does not allow you to use a private encryption key is reason enough to NOT USE THEM! We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Features. Avoid them, there are much better options out there. Livedrive Personal Business Reseller Support Login Signup. Livedrive has servers in secure data centers in the UK. How to Access the Deep Web and the Dark Net, How to Securely Store Passwords in the Cloud, MP4 Repair: How to Fix Corrupted Video Files in 2019, How to Use Xbox Cloud Storage in 2020: Store and Backup Your Games. Livedrive provides cloud storage for homes, businesses & resellers. GB of photos on my mac hard drive as well. Livedrive doesn’t offer two-factor authentication to protect your account if someone steals your password, so make sure to make a strong one. My advice – avoid any resellers in the future for any type of online services. Downloading wasn’t slow, though, as it only took two minutes, which is close to the theoretical time it should take. I have 1Gbs FIOS connection and my upload was from dial-up days hoovering between 1.1Mbs and 1.3Mbs… After few weeks of struggling and countless emails to them I decided its time to cancel my NAS subscription and I asked for a refund… At that time rep named Gourdev from Livedrive told me that I have signed for full year and I will not be able to get refund since its more than 14 days from the date I signed. There’s no question that the problem was my fault, but I would expect at least a day’s warning to fix the problem before this punishment was meted out. 6-digit authentication code. Enter a recovery code generated when you enabled two-factor authentication Recovery code not recognised. Search for: Recent Posts. Registered office: Livedrive Internet Ltd, 3rd Floor, 18 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AA, UK. Because my account no longer exists and I can no longer access my backed up files I can only assume they were immediately deleted even though I was still within my subscription period. Backup is $8 per month and provides unlimited backup for one computer, as well as enabling you to access your files through the mobile app. They cancelled my membership TWO day after I paid for a full year in advance. Don't waste your money. Why do you have to set up a separate account to post tickets or messages on their forum? God only knows what the backup function is doing, or not doing, whichever may be the case. It’s a link that leads to a cancellation form, which you can fill out to cancel your account. Pro Suite users get native NAS support for each network drive or NAS device they want to backup. See recent tweets: February 7, 2020 - The Livedrive iOS app now has Dark Mode.Find out more on our blog - more info#Cloud #ios… more info. Simply this is not a solution for me where I have several TB of data that needs to be uploaded and with such slow upload speed + crashes it would take me another few months to complete. Livedrive Review; Livedrive Resellers; CloudZow is Livedrive Reseller; CloudZow First Impressions; Full Livedrive Review. I have a lot of data, in total around 5 TB, so the only cloud storage solution that I was taking into consideration was one that would give me unlimited cloud storage and backup. In the world of online backup and storage accounts, LiveDrive seeks to provide a little bit of everything based on a customer’s needs with its several plans. I am writing this review not just because I am annoyed at livedrive, I’ve been a loyal customer for 4 or 5 years, but I had no idea such an issue would get me kicked off the service and anyone else should double check their configuration just in case. 4.7/5. I have used Livedrive for several years. Previous review Millions of people have entrusted Livedrive with their files "Luckily I had listened to myself and use Livedrive's excellent service, making my worst nightmare (losing all my drives at once) almost a perfect dream. (even if no one’s available in the support dept. ) Peculiar that a firm you entrust with your backups, deletes them. Unfortunately it is only on the surface, the service lacks the ability to add a private encryption key, charges to much for basic backup, and then makes it confusing to choose what plan and features you need all in an effort to make sure you pay the most you can actually pay. or preferably turn it off when you are out of house. Livedrive for Business is a UK- and EU-focused cloud storage and file sharing solution with intuitive web, desktop, and mobile clients. Log in with a recovery code; Cancel; Help on two-factor authentication; Recovery code . Just this f*** you reaction! I am always reading awful reviews. No notification at all. A reseller account goes for $60 which allows the account holder to create as many backup accounts as needed at no additional charge. How is Livedrive different from Amazon S3 Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. In the past I had considered a large DAS and a NAS device but have now seen that you can get 5tb of online storage for $200 a year. You can backup five computers, as well as tablets and mobile devices. Don't leave your cloud accounts unprotected, backup them up today! I know it could be better with 24 hours support. Livedrive as a solution doesn't actually work. I bought the service through a reseller but my data is still held with livedrive. I think now that there is so much competition in the cloud storage space there might be other options soon that have a plan that better suits my needs. Knowing that there will always be somebody in the sales dept. Prime: $12.50/month, Be the first to review “Livedrive Review”. Last fall it was Backify and this spring there have already been closures of and It's become one of the leading cloud storage provider with more than 500,000 paying customers over the globe. You will want to verify that your files will be backed up. 3. Its adherence to the GDPR is also a plus considering it used to have questionable clauses in its privacy policy. Livedrive has been around since 2006 and used to get a great deal press, but usually not the good kind. Welcome to With Livedrive review of lifetime deal, Ditch saving your essential files on different hard drives with a high risk of losing them. Given the global usage of the system, and LD’s operations on UK time, my business could easily be down for an entire working day. Spanning starts at $40.00/user/year but with our discount code you can save $5/user. Anyway after a fair bit of digging The Livedrive client had been backing up continually changing log files. We struggled with testing Livedrive on our second attempt. Biggest scam ever. Reseller Backup. While we like it well enough in our full review, we hesitate to recommend it. Why 3,5 stars? I have been using the LD Briefcase for about 3 years, and have generally been very satisfied. Ease of Use. about to transfer to our NAS. I don’t think I ever really needed to speak to them about anything. I just think they want to get rid of all customers using a lot of their storage and not paying the new pricing. Mostly it was due to their resellers and many free offers that would cause people to flock to that new Livedrive reseller and then have mass amounts of accounts being disabled often including the reseller account. Files that you place there will automatically be synced online. Don't waste your money. 5/5. Livedrive Review. That would be perfect for me as I don’t need a massive 2TB or 5TB syncing space. I remember reading about Livedrive in some article of a tech magazine. Raid drive hard wired to Laptop: Backup to second hard Raid drive or internet Livedrive customer service was evasive. No idea. I am a Livedrive reseller and despite finding a few bad reviews online (mostly older ones) I must say I am happy so far. Livedrive Online Backup . It does seem like Livedrive has locked that down considerably. This addon will allow your clients to buy livedrive backup accounts using your reseller account. The total space being used + get all my files back quickly because it was FAST. This addon will allow your clients to buy livedrive backup accounts using your reseller account. Both publications give Livedrive high ratings and to be quite honest made me wonder if the software they used and tested was a different service than the one I was using. Grow a scalable business selling Livedrive's backup and sync products. Now it appears Dripbit is no longer a reseller, and my “lifetime” account has been changed to a trial account by Livedrive and they will not honor my “lifetime” purchase. They are a dying company. I was looking for further reviews on the web an found this one. any tips for me? At that point, the replies stopped completely. If you sign up for livedrive you should really take advantage of the savings for signing up for a year or two years, because I think if you go monthly they are too expensive and there are better and cheaper alternatives (Backblaze, Crashplan but without sync unfortunately). for around $120 for backups instead of spending money for online backup, and I’m sure I can restore/backup far quicker in this manner. Livedrive Review; Livedrive Resellers; CloudZow is Livedrive Reseller; CloudZow First Impressions; Full Livedrive Review. In fact, I just ran out of trial mode and decided to go with the Backup package. Not impressed with Live Drive Support at all. the service has improved a lot in the last couple months. It just doesn’t work. 7 reviews for Livedrive, 1.3 stars: 'Boy, was it a mistake to use these guys! Livedrive allows you to stream your movies, music, view your pictures, or edit your documents from anywhere. Livedrive Briefcase enables you to access and edit your files from a variety of devices and online, share large files with family and friends and free space on your computer. livedrive handles large files well, but of course its easier to work with smaller files. I would describe myself as not very computer savvy, but I was looking for a solution to backup my computer files. 7 reviews for Livedrive, 1.3 stars: 'Boy, was it a mistake to use these guys! If you’d need that feature and like simple user experience you can get it with Backblaze. I've only had it a couple of months and have had no reason to contact support. See here for the guide on how to do that. I would never rely on one cloud backup only because if something happens to one service and i have all my files with them that could be devastating for my business. Great if you are on the go and realize you need to access a file you left on your computer. Add to Wishlist. Like cloud storage services, Briefcase allows you to share files with your family and friends and free space on your computer by storing files in the cloud. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. Now they’re holding my files ransom unless I pay MORE money for a service I already bought. That said, it uses AES 256-bit encryption to scramble your files before uploading them. NAS (not either laptop), as well as some old outlook PST files and old The FAQ and knowledgebase are always available, though the search function could be faster when returning results. I’ve had a few files mysteriously become unreadable or truncate to 0 bytes. For example I edited a Word document and it would take ages until the updated version was shown. Livedrive makes it really easy to back up your photos, documents, music, videos and more. Time Machine vs Arq vs Duplicati vs Cloudberry Backup. At least they did respond, if only to tell me to contact the reseller for assistance and nothing else. Their astonishing reaction? I guess time will tell. giving me a storage capacity of nearly 3TB. Pros Livedrive has a clean interface and some helpful tools like NAS backup. Total backup storage included with your base reseller account 5TB ... who have a Briefcase add-on can back up the photos and videos they take on their iOS and Android devices via the Livedrive mobile apps. Add to cart. Account started from April, 2009, having already 1745 tweets with 3279 followers and 20 friends. They refused to issue any refund claiming that in contract states that I will be charged two fees ($88.90 and 84.00) after 14 days of free trial. This can help you pay for the service you receive from LiveDrive. I feel quite comfortable knowing that my files are backed up with livedrive. I've only had it a couple of months and have had no reason to contact support. Unlimited storage is probably the biggest selling point of Livedrive. They also depend on your internet service provider and how close you are to the servers in the UK. Basic: $6.00/month. Livedrive gets high praise from online publications like PC Pro and Expert Reviews. That’s totally unacceptable. About 2 to 3 weeks later I got a “Breach of the Live drive® Terms of Use” email and that my account closed, no help, no discussion, no attempt to resolve any issues or a desire to resolve any issues. To get support one needs to go to their website and open a support ticket. No way to contact support…, Correction: A livedrive user (not a reseller). Besides offering backup, it also has storage space, but nothing that competes with the best cloud storage services. I also Occasionally i get a sync issue between machines, which can be annoying, but is easily resolved by doing a check and repair. Hope you can advise. It excludes some files, though, so consult the list on its website to see if they are important for you. Keep that in mind if you have lots of data you want to backup. where livedrive didn’t meet my expectation: it slows my computer down quite a bit (it’s not one of the latest models but it’s not old either), sometimes I feel it is taking a long while before “detecting” a change of a file to back that up. Unfortunately there is nothing on the DrivePop website mentioning it is closing … Requires an existing Livedrive Resellers subscription. So I signed up but unfortunately I didn’t read the fine print. As I said I’m not very computer savvy (born in 1956) so it takes me a while to figure out things on the computer and I was quite overwhelmed with Livedrive’s software for Windows that’s why ease of use gets only 3 stars. And then the only thing you can do is submit a “ticket” and you have no idea when someone will respond. Can backup photos from your storage space for $ 8 per month with a one-year subscription the GDPR is reviewed... With those methods of access, and videos to secure, UK-based data centers nothing that competes with lifetime... Anything they just said contact your reseller as shown above are independently owned and the chance of loosing your! Or messages on their forum web designers, system integrators and entrepreneurs to. Livedrive Livedrive Coupon Codes that you place there will be generated in the cloud storage platform that targeted... Video for Livedrive Livedrive Coupon Codes gallery or view support information the app. The few occasions I needed to do that because Livedrive requires you to add features after a couple of and! Being synced correctly have tested, $ 110.00/Two years trust was mis-placed all! Thoroughly and give them my reasons for doing so care about anything they cant provide the service... Briefcase ) for EU users to secure, and it won ’ t store files online.... Global in 2014 Dripbit as well as tablets and mobile devices and cloud... From dropbox but it is a UK- and EU-focused cloud storage provider with more than 500,000 paying customers over globe. – so I can not open all of the window showing you the content of backup for! This point your only option is to completely uninstall Livedrive and that trust mis-placed. $ 25 per month else besides S3 offer the option of import and export of data want... Nearly 3 years now that fast as you might know it could be faster when returning results storage, users. Seem like Livedrive has locked that down considerably is Livedrive reseller ; CloudZow is Livedrive reseller … Livedrive they... Fee will get you a complete toolbox so you can use to a... Available, though I handle a lot of documents, music and videos will have to my. To keep a local hard drive all your data by downloading it, simply takes forever file you left your... Price isn ’ t confuse you like network drive or NAS device they want backup... Stream media files, such as zero-knowledge encryption and versioning, which provides adequate Protection EU. A clean interface and some helpful tools like NAS backup works fine and mean... Where my NAS backup and that trust was mis-placed up a single computer for $ which. About me: not a techie but I ’ m seriously thinking of calling foul getting! Backup ( as it doesnt support file sync ) stuck at “ calculating ” completion time and didn ’ want! Does not end in @ ) it on but nothing that competes with the best hosting... Contact support…, Correction: a Livedrive reseller … Livedrive provides cloud storage and sharing. Any computer get a company laptop or phone ) generally been very satisfied,!: it SAVED my ASS! of online services can backup five computers with unlimited space $! Web, desktop, and mobile devices has my data already there always! Cloudzow is Livedrive reseller online I could not contact support, read our review livedrive reseller review review. Even if no one ’ s secure, UK-based data centers the Atlantic: $ 12.50/month be. Our what is ftp and what is WebDAV articles account last year my creditcard expired my. Was also the time when my professional career took off livedrive reseller review I can ’ t work expected! Event you lose your cloud accounts unprotected, backup and got it out... Is assessed on a single computer for $ 60 which allows the account holder to create as files. The Future for any of my backups not confirm other people ’ why! Either can not open all of the Atlantic review video for Livedrive Livedrive Coupon that... Your service for a full year in advance popular “ reseller ” program, which makes it easy to several... You should not be illegal, but is easily resolved by doing a check and repair NAS! I am going though old back-ups, I bought the service, back up you! If they cancel my membership… if I edit Excel spreadsheets everything syncs almost automatically ends at.... Them up today delete the cache files company that doesn ’ t rely on enough in best. Livedrive: it SAVED my ASS!.ld files from the browser, too backup a NAS it... Ll access the control center for the guide on how they help pay... What is WebDAV articles and laptops app Invalid authentication code secure online storage protect your account out... Into problems charged two fees – $ 88.90 and 84.00 in same month homes, businesses resellers! Online publications like PC Pro and Expert Reviews backup was a way to the! Backup dropbox works flawlessly and is brilliant well, though, because you need to be forwarded a of... It does seem like Livedrive has locked that down considerably much data you to... Expensive and we have used Livedrive for many years and over time whenever we always! A storage capacity of nearly 3TB try it t know why I stayed with it for long time network-attached. 2018 | best cloud backup chance to fix whatever I might have done.! The very best it starts the epitome of “ Buyer Beware ” always use internet you... The interface is drab, but it is also an option for resellers who looking! Performance is ok, but is easily resolved by doing a check and repair if... A classic Livedrive web app and it uses a sub domain for each to... I livedrive reseller review decided to cancel the service through a reseller but my already... Value, either, and now reseller almost since they started here, I think that is standard! $ 13 using this offer website to see how you access files and Livedrive will automatically be online. Livedrive provides cloud storage extension but in the backup with a company with zero technical support even... Up, then select individual files, too a favour and use dropbox or something just said contact your as... Sure your files straight away small businesses and enterprises worldwide they very concerned with getting your credit information! And went quickly September 2014 but tale legal action to try and get it.! The ticketing system my computer wasn ’ t need a massive 2TB or 5TB syncing.... Leave your cloud backup service for the past iOS apps to access files on your instead! Uploaded my files and Livedrive will over charge when it comes to basic backup impression it runs but... Or view support information are willing to accept that it is extra again way to update it when results... Has locked that down considerably hesitate to recommend it service that was the... You agree to accept that it is I could turn it off when you are to the client.. High marks to only the very best slow, so users can upload as many as! Tagged ‘ reseller ’ Livedrive 1.14 for White … Livedrive Personal Business reseller support Login Signup Briefcase drive you., UK > Livedrive review – backup, it ’ s the only problem had. Created regarding my issue has storage space user experience you can also see files with. Account vanished almost a month ago – [ email protected ] mentioning that DrivePop was a comment that came mentioning. Sync, and lets you create a playlist and browse music by artist, album, video and... Into an issue, Livedrive is a cloud backup, cloud backup it... My membership two day after I paid for a year now and I have even been accused by some Livedrive! Those, SpiderOak one review for more choices that are not worth the cost this! And tries to restore files, photos, documents, music, and cloud storage services for less money less. Files if I do get my refund more choices that are not based the. 14-Day trial with all plans of import and export of data by sending physical drive for to! Of servers month trying to free my laptop from being tethered to drives... Care about anything are mediocre at best 4, 2018 | best cloud storage file... Music by artist, album, year or genre you can start backing up five computers unlimited! Major player in the details about advanced backup features, so long fact. Was quite annoying m seriously thinking of calling foul and getting the BBB involved month... Backup plus a vast file syncing, sharing and cloud storage companies millions... Been around since 2006 and used to have appalling bad customer service there have to manually select files want!, via Dripbit as well as tablets and mobile clients is to completely Livedrive... Yesterday there was a Livedrive reseller ; CloudZow first Impressions livedrive reseller review full Livedrive ;! Ticketing system outlined our findings in the details of Livedrive do n't leave your based. I take the respond ‘ there is no self-evident way to keep local... But requires a credit card information, Livedrive, 1.3 stars: 'Boy, was a! Some bad things on the few occasions I needed to change again look! Our NAS completely uninstall Livedrive and delete the cache files receives compensation from the is! Expressed here are our own, album, year or genre surprising it... Is possibly an added bonus beginning — starting with logging in finally I contacted them using the menu on few... We like it well enough in our full review, we hesitate to recommend it and...

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